If you’re planning to spend a week-long vacation in Chelsea, New York, make it a priority to book any of the highly recommended New York hotels in Chelsea. Finding the right accommodations that offer the best when it comes to comfort, amenities, and services is a surefire way to make […]

From huge modern skyscrapers on the beach to quirky themed hotels or cosy woodland boutiques, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hotels. The same goes for hotel rooms. Room sizes won’t necessarily make or break your business. However, if you are running a hotel business, it’s good to know […]

Here it comes, Chinese New Year. Many Chinese say it’s the most extraordinary celebration in China, where there is no alcohol and food limit and you can hear and see fireworks almost everywhere all day long. It’s my first time in China so it’s also my first (surprisingly) Chinese New […]

5 Xmas markets in the UK that you should visit in 2022: Do you get super excited when you when the most anticipated holiday of the year is just around the corner? In the UK, it’s long been a tradition to enjoy the festive season by doing a series of […]

Are you planning a solo trip to Ireland? If so, why not consider Ireland? The island is brimming with Irish treasures around every corner, with beautiful locations to escape for a long weekend away. If you’re looking to solo travel in Ireland and have a good time, then you’ll be […]

Burlington is Vermont’s largest city by population and is located south of the Canada-United States border on the shores of Lake Champlain. The Queen City is home to grazing cows and dazzlingly white ski trails. Maple syrup is found in every corner store and 19th-century covered bridges dot the landscape. […]