A Variety of Art Exhibitions

Art exhibitions have now become a very happening place, especially for the bourgeoisie. Here they get to indulge in exquisite and antique pieces of art and also come in contact with a lot of knowledgeable people pertaining to the arts displayed. But one very attractive thing about these art exhibitions is that they give ample time for all the people to socialize and this is something that all people like to do, especially the ladies.

Since the feedback from these exhibitions is very flattering a lot of art galleries organize such exhibitions. The art galleries of Mark Borghi at Hamptonbridge, Palm Beach and New York, are ideal and the most perfect places for experiencing an art exhibition. His galleries do not just feature paintings and sketches; they also exhibit large pieces of art such as the wall sculpture that was made out of the car scraps.

The journey of his galleries began in 1998 when he showcased the works of world famous artists Andy Warhol, Johnson Pollock, Richard Prince and the like. He continued his journey and opened another gallery at Palm Beach and yet another one in Bridgehampton. Perhaps one of his masterstrokes was when he exhibited the gigantic and magnificent wall sculpture mentioned earlier.

While Mark Borghi’s art gallery displays feature the abstract, pop and contemporary form, there are other types of art exhibitions as well.

  1. The first broad categorization is the Commercial and Non-Commercial art exhibition. The Commercial exhibition is more popularly known by the name of trade fair or art fair. This is a very simple and basic fair in which the works of numerous artists are displayed, mostly with the purpose of sales. There is a participation fee for all the artists.
  2. Next up is the Temporary Museum Exhibition in which some exhibits are taken out from the archive of a particular museum and they remain displayed there for a certain period of time. There is hardly anything for sale at these exhibitions.
  3. The Permanent Museum Exhibitions are those that hold a small exhibition within their own premises and this exhibition does not have any time duration attached to it.
  4. The Retrospectives are very different from the above mentioned others. In this the works of some artist of the past is displayed and the viewers are expected to look back at their exquisite works of art. Individual expositions or solo exhibitions also often use this feature.
  5. The exhibition that is held after every two years is known by the name of Biennale; this exhibition is an effort to bring the best of all art works under one roof.

The travelling exhibition, the Invitational Exhibition, the Juried exhibition and the Open or Non-Juried exhibition are among the more novel types of art exhibitions. It is important to mention here that the fine arts exhibition arranged and organized by Mark Borghi are also quite educative and magnificent, which is what makes them so famous and popular. The basic thing is that if you are a lover of art and do not mind watching and appreciating any kind of art, the art exhibitions are your place to be.