Consider Ottawa For Canadian Warehousing

Consider Ottawa For Canadian Warehousing, Our Toronto warehouse rivals any within the confines of the Toronto city limits. Through 26 distribution centers, 41 field stocking locations, 8 specialized transportation centres, 13 configuration centres, and access to the widest final mile delivery network, SCI can quickly scale up to meet your supply chain requirements, and take your business beyond the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to any other key market in Canada.

We feature over 200,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space at our Logistics Centre just north of Pearson International Airport in Toronto (Bolton) South of the Warehousing Toronto border, we offer 40,000 sq. ft. of space out of our Logistics Centre in Syracuse and a further 180,000 sq. ft. are available at our Chicago location.

The FLEXE software platform matches shippers with warehousing providers that meet their desired project scope and criteria, and then all parties use the FLEXE platform to work together; scheduling deliveries and pickups, managing inventory, legal agreements & billing.

Both men lived on both coasts of the country before moving here; they first met and got involved with the Warehouse biz when they were living out west (Ross starred in a MTV Canada reality show called Peak Season set in Whistler), while also discovering they went to the same high school in Halifax.

Efficient Customer Service: In addition to an intuitive and interactive web portal with access to the latest inventory and order data, TQS Logistics operates a Call Centre between the hours of 8am and 5pm EST, understanding that our client’s business is Canada wide.