Facts about the Faith Healing Minister Chris Oyakhilome – The Founder of Christ Embassy

The Pastor Chris Oyakhilome one of the well known iconic Nigerian Christian Minister, who founded the Christ Embassy also known as the ‘believers’ loveworld’ incorporated. If you are Christian than you might aware how importance to follow the divine of the god’s path, the pastor Chris delivers the divine of lord god for those who are in need to lead their life peaceful. With his prayers and wishes Rev. Chris helped over millions of people across the world, his role in improving living standards of the poor people in the South African countries is truly immense.

Apart from being the founder and president of Chris Embassy, pastor Chris one of the bible based Christian ministry  has involved in several social welfare activities and helped unrest people to find the true path of peaceful under the guidance of the lord’s divine. His ministry helps people in several manners through the healing school, Loveworld books, Rhapsody of Realities, and also in launching the separate NGO with the name of ‘Innercity Missions for children’ for the welfare for the left alone children in the society.

Pastor Chris’s Career

Born in Edo at Nigeria, the pastor in the faith healing minister and also one of the world wide popular television host and an iconic author written several books, especially his masterpiece work “Rhapsody of Realities” sold around half a million copies all over the world. On witnessing its popularity and high demand, the devotional book has been translated to over 800 languages and sold over 240 countries across the globe.

The Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was honored with the doctorate given by the top two universities Ambrose Ali and the Benson Idahosa in the year 2015. Pastor Chris, holds the record of conducting successful meetings and prayers in United Kingdom and as well as in the United States. Also, he owns the healing school in region of South Africa and in Canada. Under his ministry governance, Pastor Oyakhilome runs an international school of ministry and also conducts various prayers and conference meeting in online along with the religion minsters all over the world.

Popularity of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Due to his divine speech and healing methodologies which he suggests to the needed people, he has huge number of followers and true devotees all over the world especially from the countries of South African region. As per the data collected in online, the pastor has over 30 million followers in his social media, also the pastor found as being active and interactive with his follower quite often. He never fails to attend the quest of the people regarding peace act.

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome (D.D, D.Sc.) has the huge record of offering peace to his followers in single prayer/meeting. The april month of 2017 would the year of flourishing, as he about to conduct Global Communion service which is one of the milestone and triumphal ride in the spiritual world that going to be a fruitful thing for many across the world especially for this followers.