How to Choose the Best Mixer Grinder in India?

It goes without saying that India is a spice-loving country. Here, most of the housewives cook food with homemade spices. If you are a housewife, you may definitely be looking for a good mixer grinder in India 2017.

Before picking the best juicer mixer grinder, there are certain features you need to consider like capacity, power consumption, size, etc. For those who stay alone or a small family, you may look for a portable size mixer grinder. If you are a large family, you need to look for large sized grinder with good capacity. Here are the factors you need to consider before buying juicer mixer grinder for kitchen –

Type of Machine

You can either go with a simple mixer grinder or juicer mixer grinder. A mixer grinder basically mixes, whips, and beats ingredients to turn them into tiny particles or powder. On the other side, a juicer mixer grinder can give an added advantage of a mixer grinder and juicer in one machine.

If you prefer to drink fresh juice every morning, you should go with a juicer mixer grinder. You don’t need to buy a separate grinder for it.


It refers to the actual power of the motor. You may often need a mixer grinder that comes with high wattage so it can easily conduct heavy duty operations with ease, for example, dough, dry nuts etc.  It is also the key to consider that high wattage motor doesn’t provide good results all the time. Its performance is up to the quality and manufacturer. Sometimes, lower wattage mixer grinder works better than costly models.


Cleanliness is a very considerable and vital factor to look for juicer mixer grinder as these electrical appliances have different types of fancy and control systems and blades. Mixer grinders which have push button are difficult to clean when compared to mixer grinders with touch pad. Pay attention to this fact and how smoothly the lid fits in the container so it is not vulnerable to spills or leak.


When it comes to buy mixer grinder, you should consider different things, such as how simple it is to assemble its blade and parts, how smoothly the jar fits in the grinder, efficiency of control, size of container and other things.


Price also varies according to their features, brands, materials, and wattage. In general, higher wattage machines literally cost higher. Grinders with stainless steel and glass containers cost more than the ones having plastic jars because they are long lasting.

Overload Prevention

Several times, people may put more ingredients in jar than recommended. As a result, motor gets bogged down with a lot of load. To avoid it, you may get a special relay like circuit breaker which is a fuse.