Is it Chefchaouen your favorite city in Morocco?

Is it Chefchaouen your favorite city in Morocco?

All cities have great nicknames, like Paris “the city of love” or New York “the big apple”, we all know our favorite cities by their nicknames. You may feel surprised to know that cities in Morocco also have nicknames. For example, Chefchaouen is best known as the blue city. Yes, the blue city, does it sound weird? Is not at all, Chefchaouen is totally blue, there is no single place that is no blue. It is also known for being the pearl of the Atlantic. So, if you love blue then this is going to be your favorite city ever. Even the Medina is painted in different shades of blue this is definitely something you need to see if you have visited the Medina of other cities.

So, why is Chefchaouen our favorite city in Morocco? Well, it is not because of the color in which is painted, it is more than that. It is one of the most peaceful cities in Morocco for sure. You are going to find friendly people here and also friendly tourists. You know that if you visit a quiet city, you may find this kind of people.

If you do the top Morocco Tours here be sure to do all the important things in this city as: getting lost into the streets in the Medina, talk to the locals and be friendly, discover any single place, take some food with you and go to the main plaza to eat with your friends, go to the waterfalls you will relax, and you can enjoy the sunset when the day is almost finishing.

Morocco trips are always better when you find interesting things to buy. If you love carpets of good quality, different styles,designs and sizes, you should definitely come to the Local Berbere Artisanal. Prices here are really good if you compare them to other prices in other cities. The person who sells carpets is kind and will give useful information about it. If you are traveling by plane you may buy a small carpet because there will not be enough space in your bag, but it is still a good option. If you are worried about the space in your carpet, you can tell them to send the carpet to your home, it will be a little expensive but it will give you the pleasure of having a beautiful carpet in your house as a decoration. This place is basically full of carpets, so if you do not like carpets then you should not come here. People who love doing the Morocco trips know that one of the best thing about Morocco is shopping.

Talking about spending money and having fun, there is another excellent place to go called La Botica de la Abuela Aladdin. This is a special place that wraps you and transports you to another place thanks to the variety of essences, soaps and perfumes. It offers a variety of products and they have an excellent price. If you buy something here, you will take the Chefchaouen essence to your home. This place is lovely and people treat you very well. One of the best things is that you enter this place and nobody is pushing you to buy something as it tends to happens in many shops around Morocco. The person who runs the shop is kind and patient. You can find here medicinal herbs in case you need them. So the experience here is amazing and people is thankful; it is really difficult to find a place in which you do not feel the pressure of buying something.

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