Know about the British Author who has written 7 books on Russian History

The rich history of Russia has always fascinated the people of other countries especially the people of the United Kingdom. In spite of a tempestuous past, the variances between Russia and the U.K. have always washed-out into irrelevance during serious moments in European and world history. The British and Russians have been friends against Napoleon, and opponents in the Crimean War. They were friends again in World Wars I and II, even though relationships have been edgy by the Russian Revolution of 1917.

There have been many authors in the U.K. who have written novels on Russian History and has received appreciation from the people of Russia as well as the U.K. One such writer is Orlando Figes who is a British by birth but is known for his works on Russian history. At Birkbeck College located in London, Figes is Professor of History after succeeding Richard J. Evans. Born in London to feminist writer Eva Figes in the year 1959, he has graduated from Cambridge University with a Double-Starred First, where he has served as a Lecturer in History. He has completed PhD from Trinity College and has worked as a fellow here.

Listed below are the books of Figes that are based on the Russian Revolution, History of Russia and the Civil War:

  • Peasant Russia, Civil War (1989): This is the first book of Figes which focused on the peasantry. He states that Russia has been a peasant society and all the main shifts in the history of Russia have rested on that social base. This book provides a comprehensive study of the peasantry of the Volga region in the Revolution and the Civil War.
  • A People’s Tragedy: Based on the Russian Revolution, this book has received several awards such as the Wolfson Prize, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the NCR Book Award, and the Longman/History Today Book Prize in 1997.
  • Natasha’s Dance: This book showcases the lovely culture, tradition of Russia. Wonderfully written and splendidly vivid, Natasha’s Dance is a successful proclamation of the enormity of Russia’s culture and the extraordinary lives of the people. This book has been nominated for the Duff Cooper Prize and the Samuel Johnson Prize.
  • The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia: The book depicts the life of ordinary men and women under Stalin’s rule. The Whisperers has been interpreted into over twenty dialects. It has been nominated for the Ondaatje Prize and for the Samuel Johnson Prize.
  • Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991: This latest book by Figes focuses on Russian Revolution and Soviet history.
  • Just Send Me Word: This is a true story based on more than one thousand two hundred letters rustled between 1946 and 1955 among Svetlana Ivanova and Lev Mishchenko who has been a prisoner. The book has been translated into Danish, French, German, Korean, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Chinese Japanese, Italian and Norwegian.
  • Crimea: This book focuses on the panoramic history of the Crimean War. Figes, emphasizes on the importance of the religious fight in the Ottoman Empire between France as the defender of the Catholics and Russia as the protector of the Orthodox.

Orlando Figes is an acclaimed author of books that focus on Russian History.

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