Naturopathy of the Modern Times- Delivering Alternatives in Medical Field

The belief in the healing power of nature is the building block of Naturopathy; this is a form of treatment which does not just heal the body, mind and soul, but also prepares it to fight any futuristic attack of illness. Geoffrey Morell and other naturopaths, the people who administer this therapeutic treatment maintain a holistic approach during the healing process. This means they do not just address the ailment of the patient but also make arrangements and cure all areas of problem of the individual’s body.

The practitioners of Naturopathy believe that there are three main elements of human existence are body, mind and soul and it is important to maintain a coherence of these three in order to have a perfectly functioning body. It is hence, that these naturopaths such as Geoffrey Morell of New Zealand teach their patients the ways in which they will learn to prevent their bodies from the attacks of discomforts. Mr. Morell specializes in the magnetic, intuitive and spiritual healing processes.

Though this form of treatment is a fool proof plan against all sorts of illnesses, both common and chronic, yet unfortunately the modern medicine, which is quite orthodox does not subscribe to its holistic approach. In fact, they even fail to give importance to aspect of prevention, despite the innumerable beneficial and positive attributes of this curative process.

History has it, that the Yellow Emperor of the Classic of Medical Treatment had said that a doctor is a mediocre one if he treats a disease after it has occurred, the doctor who can treat a disease before it even occurs should be considered a superior doctor. As a matter of fact, the Chinese physicians were paid for keeping their patients away from all kinds of sicknesses, in case a patient fell ill, the physician would be dismissed. Such was the system of the olden times that concentrated more on a healthy system than treating a faulty system to make it healthy.

Naturopathy is based on the olden day concept and strongly believe in prevention is better than cure, however, sadly, this is not the call of the modern times. Today, the new paradigm is waiting until it is broken and then fixes it. This is what makes the sustenance of naturopathy really difficult in this modern world. Naturopathy, in fact, teaches the patients how to take complete responsibility of his/her own health, so that they are further never susceptible to any kind of ailment.

The toxins and chemicals of the hostile environment makes it very difficult for Naturopathy to survive it. There are numerous challenges that the present day Naturopathy has to face in the bid to survive and prove itself worthy of survival. The biggest challenge probably is the life of an individual completely submerged in all kinds of pollution – chemical, electromagnetic and of all sorts, coupled with absolute indiscipline and speed in every individual’s life. It is hence that Naturopathy of the modern times needs an extremely diverse approach in order to be able to guide the patients to a vibrant and healthy life successfully.