What Do Lenders Look For When Assessing Home Equity Line of Credit Applications?

The two most common ways for homeowners to borrow money they need by utilizing the equity of their residential properties are home equity line of credit and home equity loans. In both these lending schemes, they need to secure their houses as collateral. This implies that if they default in paying off their obligations under these forms of financial assistance, the lenders have a right to take away their homes. Every financial institution evaluates their clients’ application under home equity line of credit and home equity loan separately from their competitors. However, there are common guidelines that the officials of these organizations use to determine an individual’s eligibility under both the schemes.


An expert who is a class apart


Steve Liefschultz is a popular banker and real estate expert from Minnesota in the United States. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Equity Bank, a financial company that he owns, operates and manages in the area. His corporate enterprise specializes in offering real estate loans and investment lines of credit at competitive rates to entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals in the region. This former lawyer and real estate broker understands that both banking and investments in the area of real estate opens up new opportunities to his clients who intend to enhance their shareholder value.


He says the requirements that financial institutions look into when assessing their clients’ eligibility under home equity line of credit and home equity loans are as follows:


  • Combined Loan-to-Value Ratio

When an individual applies for a home equity line of credit or a home equity loan, the lenders offering such schemes first determine the combined loan-to-value ratio. They arrive at this figure by dividing the sum of the balance that such a person owes on his/her mortgage and other loans by the appraisal value of his/her property. This determines the risk the lenders undertake when they extend such loans to their borrowers.

  • Credit Score

Residential owners are aware that a good credit score is a vital precondition when it comes to applying for a home equity line of credit or a home equity loan. However, this prerequisite may vary depending upon the financial institutions they are approaching for such loans. In most cases, such lenders usually ensure the borrowers applying under such schemes have a score of above 720 before they sanction such loans.

  • Debt-to-income ratio

A high credit score helps financial institutions assess the loan applications of their borrowers under home equity loan and home equity line of credit. However, another important aspect that the officials of these organizations need to take into consideration is debt-to-income ratio. This figure ascertains amount an individual spends from his/her monthly income to repay his/her existing mortgage and other debt obligations.


Steve Liefschultz goes on to say many financial institutions offering home equity line of credit and home equity loans look into other factors in addition to the above. These include whether their borrowers have any previous history of bankruptcy or foreclosure that can have a negative effect on their loan application under such schemes.

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Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

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Forex Trading Broker

Forex Trading Broker

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Law Practice Management Software

Law Practice Management Software

People, with whom digital records are shared, book 25% more appointments with the same doctor. APS is user friendly, integrated software which ensures our firm is run efficiently and effectively. Then, we conducted several interviews with practice management users who have firsthand experience with the EHR systems on our final list. Cost and time effectiveness: By eliminating the time taken to collect and verify several documents, the practice management software reduces the time to complete many tasks.

According to Mark Wagner, senior director of ambulatory research at KLAS, PM software is one of the highest scoring segments that KLAS examines. I used to try and keep track of everything with spreadsheets but there is no way I would go back to doing that after using this software.

This is an innovative, reasonably priced software that we would definitely recommend to others. You can also purchase a full PM/EHR software suite for $729 monthly per provider. Bottom line: In order to find out just how well each company performs in that regard, it might be worth reaching out to other physicians you know operating in your field and ask them how they like their practice management system.Medical Practice Management Software

Interfacing: Another huge consideration when choosing a practice management system should be how well it will interface with the electronic health records (EHR) system your practice uses. Proclaim legal accounting software supports numerous bank/cash accounts with full automatic reconciliation, in addition to links for CHAPS payments.

It incorporates most of the features of other client management systems (a mixed bunch!) plus some unique features which I am hoping accountants will like. However, such software removes patient data from the practice’s premises, which can be seen as a security risk of its own.

Making Copper Nails The Best Choice For Construction And Roofing Purposes

In the present times, most of the construction companies and builders make use of the best copper nails available in the market for all the related purposes. These copper nails come in a variety of sizes and classifications and thus must be selected or chosen as per the specific purpose in hand. They can be used by the builders as well as a person out to repair the roof of the house or maybe the broken tiles, thus they vary accordingly and fulfill the needs of one and all without leaving anyone dissatisfied.

Though copper is an expensive metal and not the usual cheap one unlike the aluminum or the steel, but it has long term benefits for the user and so does the cost vary accordingly. If one talks about the benefits then certainly they are more than the costs and thus proves beneficial in most of the cases without a saying. One can very well say that copper is one of the best lasting metals in terms of the durability and thus must be used more often in comparison to the other metals. Thus, the use of copper nails is quite useful and must be made as compared to the other types of nails. In fact it must be promoted among the concerned parties as its use helps prevent further repair and maintenance on a regular basis.

So one can say that best copper nails available in the market make the right choice and must be preferred against other metals without any kinds of second thoughts in the mind or without any confusion of any sort. These nails are cost effective, need less of the repair and maintenance and are more useful for the roof top and other structures. Copper is far away from the rust and thus it is the best metal to be chosen for the roof tops in the form of nails and related applications. When one is looking for longer duration of the stuff and its toughness for the constructed site, then copper is an ultimate choice and much preferred by the builders as well as the consumers too.

The special properties of the copper as a metal make it all the more suitable for outdoor roofing solutions and other related sites. It has some of the best properties which are not seen in any other metal for any of the reasons at any point of time. The best part is it is cost effective and does not pinch a hole in one’s pockets.

These best copper nails available in the market are used for various purposes at a single point of time and put into use at various places because of their unique properties which makes them stand in the crowd and make the consumer or the user proud of the fact. These copper nails are better in comparison to the other metal nails and thus used more often by the builders as well. They tend to recommend the use of the same in most of the cases by default because of its varied properties.

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