Survival In The Desert: What To Do In Case Of An Accident


Survival In The Desert: What To Do In Case Of An Accident

A road trip with friends is a good way to relieve stress. But there may be unfortunate instances on some trips. Imagine going on a journey, and something bad happens. The car breaks down, or someone happens to run over an animal which causes the vehicle to fail. What would happen if that car was in the desert? Would a group of friends be ready to handle a potential disaster?

A car breaking down is surely a headache. An accident is a pain. Being in the desert with a broken down car and having to deal with an accident at the same time? Unbelievable.

However, sites such as have articles that aim to guide the few unlucky. A situation like a breakdown in the middle of the desert should be far from a tragic ending when one is alert, composed, and knowledgeable.


Knowing possible causes for an accident can be a good way to prevent future accidents. The most common cause of these mishaps is when a driver is distracted. Accidents happen at any time, and any place and being absent minded can contribute to an accident.

Always stay with the vehicle

Chances are some people will tough it out and venture into the desert to call for help. People should never consider this plan of action. A human being could hardly survive in such extremes. Areas of the body which contribute to dehydration can go unnoticed and proved to be disastrous. Always stay with the car. If a group thinks that fixing it is possible, then, by all means, try and repair the vehicle.

If it is beyond repair, it is best to stay and conserve energy. Tend the wounded and create fires if nightfall is close. If there is food, ration it properly. Communication should also play a vital role. Make it a priority to have at least a small amount of coverage and focus on calling for help.


Tend to the injured. Stop bleeding at all costs. Pressure is to be used to any profusely bleeding part. Do not pull out foreign material that is impaled or sticking out of a body, because it may cause more damage. Severe wounds such as this should be cleaned to keep the infection from prevailing. If coverage is possible, contact medical services immediately.


If communication by phone is impossible, then a fire would be just as effective. Smoke can be a signal that someone is in distress. Smoke also goes up and is clearly visible from miles away. As mentioned above, if the night is fast approaching, a fire would be handy to provide warmth and keep nocturnal predators away. Deserts are notorious for raging heat during the day and icy cold temperatures during the night.


Accidents happen. Freak occurrences do not choose a place or time. Accidents also do not choose victims. Whenever the odds are against everyone, it pays to keep calm and be alert. Do not do anything foolish such as braving the extremes for a risky shot at survival. Instead, plan actions accordingly and weigh the risks involved.