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11 Cities in the USA to Discover in Winter! – Live Fun Travel

11 Cities in the USA to Discover in Winter! – Live Fun Travel

11 Cities in the USA to Discover in Winter! – It is no secret that I love winter.  I love the snow, the cold, the clothes, everything.  So, getting out of Florida and visiting my family in Pennsylvania, or traveling to another place in the US is always wonderful.  But many of our friends are from outside of the US and absolutely hate snow.  So, we have put together a list of the 11 cities in the USA to discover winter, and not all of them have snow.

A winter trip to the United States is an exceptional experience to enjoy the snow, and the sun, do fun activities and make impressive discoveries. During this time of the year, you will be spoiled for choice between fairly warm cities, sublime and quiet cities, and eventful cities with exceptional architectural buildings and alluring landscapes. However, the most crucial question is which cities to visit during the winter in the United States to have an unforgettable stay. Here are the most beautiful cities to discover in winter in the United States when all the administrative precautions are taken to travel peacefully.


San Francisco: Famous Beautiful City

It is a beautiful city that is very recognized all over the world. In this marvellous place, the Golden Gate represents the emblem. Built-in 1873, it is an impressive suspension bridge with a length of 2.7 Kilometers. You should also note that San Francisco is a famous “Downhill” especially popular with cyclists or skateboarders.

In addition to its icons, this fantastic city is famous for its attractive bay. It is one of the most pleasant and beautiful bays in the world. More than a city, San Francisco is also an excellent American cultural centre. In reality, despite its status as a provincial town, it is also very independent and libertarian. It is worth mentioning that it is in San Francisco that the current hippies, Flower Power, LGBT or even the “Black Panthers” were born. The Castro district is one of the historical vestiges and represents real proof of this wind of tolerance and freedom.


Chicago: A Sublime City

Chicago is a truly photogenic city. It is located on the edge of Lake Michigan. By the structure of the buildings, Chicago is qualified as a vertical city. An authentic landscape of buildings and skyscrapers with a height between more than 200 and 300 meters.

11 Cities in the USA to Discover in Winter!

Life goes on in Chicago even with snow covering the streets. It is a magical time of year to visit this vibrant city.

New Orleans: Picturesque City

Located at the mouth of one of the largest rivers in the world, New Orleans is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the United States in winter. A remarkable capital of music. Faubourg Marigny is the most emblematic district of this marvellous musical city, where Jazz clubs are constantly springing up like champions. New Orleans is also the French Quarter or Bourbon Street.


New York: The Most Attractive City

New York is a beautiful city that attracts visitors from all over the world. In reality, it is an impressive building forest. Among the places to discover, you can find the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, etc. During the winter, you must cover yourself well in this beautiful city. It’s a discovery that has to be earned.


Charleston, South Carolina

It is a sublime little-known city in which architecture and history harmonize to the delight of visitors. During the 1970s, the economy of this city was based on the slave trade, rice and cotton plantations. You have the opportunity to visit the old market, which used to serve as a place for the sale of slaves. In addition, a visit to the Nathaniel Russell Housse, one of the most impressive residences in the neoclassical style, will immerse you in the life of the wealthiest families of the 19th century.


Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a lovely city, undeniable and appreciated for its great wealth in terms of golf courses. In this city, golf clubs like Toron North and We-ko-Pa have desert landscapes that offer the feeling of being thousands of miles away from present-day civilization. Also, if you love shopping, spas, and a comfortable and warm temperature, you must choose this city in winter. In February, the desert region is filled with blooms. The sunset rays give extraordinary colours to cacti and other plants.


Miami: A Beautiful Sunny City

Spending a winter in the United States for vacation rhymes with more sun than a snowball. Admittedly, during this time of year, this great city remains hot in every way. From the weather conditions to the local cuisine and the people, you will enjoy pleasant warmth. Plus, in December, charming Miami hosts Art Basel.


San Diego: Sensational City

In winter, the temperatures can easily approach 20°C. It is still a quiet time of the year in California, more precisely in San Diego. It is inevitably the perfect time to discover this sensational city. The golf courses at Torrey Pines, its seductive beaches and its zoo offer fun activities and extraordinary hikes. The most impressive thing about this city is that it is among the cleanest and safest cities in the United States.


Los Angeles: seductive and eventful

With dream beaches and a resplendent Californian sun, in winter, Los Angeles remains a highly recognized destination for hundreds of visitors around the world. In winter, the ordinary season of cinematic awards makes the city more hectic. Moreover, at this time of the year, cultural and sporting activities also attract tourists. With its impressive culinary diversity and street food, you won’t regret having chosen this winter destination. If you have always dreamed of spending an ideal language stay in the United States to learn English, Los Angeles will meet all your expectations.


Houston: the warm city

It is a beautiful and effervescent town in the Sunbelt. A sunny region in which there are the southern and western states of the United States. Winter is an excellent period when it offers the best of it. In reality, this beautiful city offers multiple activities, between skating and ice, outdoor concerts, etc. If you attend at the beginning of March, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are sure to amaze you. For lovers of discovery, the city’s renowned museums will warmly welcome you with interesting hamburgers accompanied by good music.


Santa Fe: Architectural City

As exceptional destinations in winter, we also find the State of New Mexico with its capital Santa Fe. The latter was founded in 1607 by the Spaniards. It is a city with exceptional architecture, thanks to its clay buildings. It should also be added that it represents an impressive artistic and tourist centre. If you want to discover another aspect of American culture, this beautiful city is undoubtedly the destination that will meet your expectations. Hispanic heritage and cultural freedom intertwine in perfect tranquility to allow you to spend a breathtaking winter full of discoveries.


Our Final Word

There are so many places to enjoy winter in the US.  Besides the cities listed above, we love now going to our cabin in the mountains of North Carolina where we can get to the Blue Ridge Parkway in a short distance and play in the snow.  My home state of Pennsylvania has traditionally always had a white Christmas but has changed over the last few years and typically hasn’t been getting snow until January.  We also spent a magical winter in Yellowstone among the wolves and snow-laden bison.  But we understand that not all people love the snow and as we live in Florida it is one of the reasons that people flock here during the winter.  Whatever your wishes are for a winter holiday, you can find a city in the US to meet your holiday expectations.