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Explore The Beautiful Bungalow Restaurant, Lagos

restaurant in ikeja

Bungalow restaurant in Ikeja has been in existence for over a decade and serves continental, Nigerian, Mexican, Japanese and Chinese meals and cocktails. It creates an ideal place for dining adventures where you can find new meals attractive and tasty or just stick with regular Naija meals.

The restaurant opened in 2004 and for 16 years has been running successfully in the Ikeja and Victoria Island area of Lagos State. Ever since its establishment, it has become one of the top restaurants in Lagos.

bungalow restaurant ikeja

Location of Bungalow Restaurant

The mainland branch of Bungalow restaurant is situated at 9, Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja. It is about 30-60 minutes from the major Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Ikeja, with road traffic in view though.

The restaurant is easy to locate using a Google map or with the help of taxi rides to the location.

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Layout and Ambience of Bungalow Restaurant

Bungalow restaurant has a deluxe setting with structures made for your comfort. First, the environment is well kept, serene and welcoming despite the regular Lagos noise and crowds.

Besides, the restaurant offers a creative setting of seating areas, both inside and outside. The chairs are leather made with a soft feel and backrest for relaxation and a table is attached to each of the seats.

Then, the interior has a closed section where meals are prepared and you can view from a wide open glass space, the cocktail sections are also open for you to interact and make your selections. Plus, you can watch the bartenders prepare your drinks while you sit and wait to be served.

Further, the interior area of Bungalow restaurant is conducive with air conditioning systems, well-polished furniture and floors and nice interior design and paintings.

However, for the exterior which also has soft seats and wooden furniture, there are flowers in a mini garden surrounding the restaurant. There are bar sections outside with high stools and competent mixologists who mix signature cocktails and wines for you.

Besides, the outdoor area of the Bungalow is breezy and wide enough with a large TV to entertain guests every day. In addition, the interior arena has television screens hung up on the walls for visitors to watch updates on sports programs.

Explore The Beautiful Bungalow Restaurant, Lagos

Hospitality Review

From start to finish, you have access to hospitable waiters and staff immediately you come into Bungalow restaurant. These individuals are positioned to see to it that you have a great day at the restaurant, thus you can interact with them ask questions about the meals and have a nice time.

The services that highlight Bungalow restaurant are related to the relaxing ambience for everyone, world-class meals and diversity of cooking styles.

Open days and times

Bungalow restaurant is always open from Sundays to Saturdays between 10:30 am and 10:30 pm. Thus you can visit at your most preferred time even though you need to know of extremely busy days and times at the restaurant. Thursday to Sunday evenings are always crowded a bit with people who have come to eat or watch sporting events on the television.

Services Offered at Bungalow Restaurant

Eat in

The common eat-in service is provided at Bungalow restaurant, thus you can choose any dining area, sit in and help yourself to delicious Chinese food and beverages.

Take out

The take-out menu is well available for you based on your choice. You can as well make orders for your desired meal to be packed in plastics for you and sealed in nylon wraps.


Teppanyaki is an adopted Japanese cooking style at Bungalow restaurant where seafood, chicken or vegetable fillings and so on are prepared on hot iron pans. These iron pans enable grilling, frying or boiling spices in food.

You will find this fascinating to watch because it is mostly done in an open space where you can see the chef display amazing culinary skills.

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Cocktails and Drinks

Signature cocktails and drinks are sold at Bungalow restaurant, you can find the following;

  • Soft drinks; water, branded soft drinks such as Fanta, Coca-Cola
  • Juices; Five Alive juice, fruit juices
  • Milkshakes; fruit milkshakes
  • Coffee classics and espresso
  • Virgin Coolers; Fruit Punch, Pineapple Sunshine, Mango Bunga, RechargaBull, Strawberry Surprise- blended fruits with cream and syrup
  • Flaming drinks
  • Beer; branded alcoholic beers like Guinness, Orijin, Trophy, Harp, Stout, Guinness
  • Fresh juice mix
  • Liquors; Ciroc, Hennessy, Jameson, Glenfiddich, Campari, Jack Daniels, and Dry Gin among others.
  • Cocktails; blends of fruits with rum, vodka and alcoholic beverages served with ice cubes
  • Signature Cocktails; Moscow Mule, Lime Margarita, Ice Fruity Prosecco, Bungalow Mule
  • These signature cocktails are mixtures of tequilas, lemon, honey, lemon syrup, strawberries, raspberries, vodka and so on.
  • Wines; white wines, red wines and so on are sold in measured servings and also in bottles.
  • Rose Wines;
  • Champagne Cocktails, champagne mixed with fruits, whiskey, lemon, Guinness and many more
  • Japanese Single Malt Whiskey Bottles; Kinrin Sanroku, Mars Hombo Iwai, Tenjaku
  • Champagne; Mo√ęt

These drinks are freshly made by mixologists and served on request.

Menu List

With selections from local Nigerian food to foreign dishes, there is a meal for you at Bungalow restaurant. The meals are prepared by seasoned chefs with high-quality cooking utensils and styles.

You can find appetizers, desserts, pastries and main course meals at Bungalow restaurant, some of which are;

Continental Menu

The Continental menu consists of appetizers, seafood, salads, sandwiches, tempuras, pizzas and many more.

You have finger foods and quick bites options to satisfy your immediate hunger, with any of the following

-Calamari Strips; calamari with tartar sauce

  • French Fries
  • Chicken Tenders; crisp chicken with soy sauce
  • Chicken Wings
  • Spring rolls
  • Yakisoba noodles; fried noodles with vegetables servings and seafood, beef or chicken
  • Pizza; seafood pizza, pepperoni pizza, Hawaii pizza, margarita, vegetarian pizza
  • Soups; Chilli beef soba noodle soup, and mixed seafood soup which are mixtures of spices, seafood and vegetables.
  • Salads; coleslaw, chicken salad, Mexican salad, seafood salad
  • Sandwiches; chicken and seafood sandwiches
  • Burgers; chicken burger, grilled protein burger with patty, signature bungalow burger with tomato, sauce and vegetables
  • Seafood; prawns, crabs, fish, calamari served with chips and sauce
  • Pasta; spaghetti Bolognese, carbonara, fettucini, tagliatelle, lobster and prawns pasta.
  • Grilled steaks; beef, suya, chicken fillets and so on

Appetizers on the continental menu are quite affordable but generally, meals in this section too can be pricey, especially seafood, salads and tempuras which are over 10,000 nairas.

Nigerian Menu

Nigerian dishes are perfect additions to the Bungalow menu list, this means that you can comfortably enjoy local meals if you are not open to trying new meals. Bungalow restaurant serves;

  • Jollof rice
  • Fried rice
  • Pepper soup; chicken and fish pepper soup
  • Peppered snail
  • Plantain
  • Gizzard
  • White rice
  • Barbecue

Mexican Menu

Popular Mexican food is sold at Bungalow restaurant and served with side attractions such as chicken, vegetables, beef, shrimp

-Burritos; servings of flour with Mexican rice, salsa, cheese, cream and vegetables

  • Enchiladas; Mexican traditional rice with tortilla chips, enchilada sauce, cream and cheese,
  • Chimichanga Texicana; fried burritos and guacamole, with portions of rice, cream and cheese
  • Fajitas, spicy strips with cheese and vegetables
    -Molcajetes; spicy seafood, chicken and beef, with habanero and red sauce, vegetables, pico de galo
  • Quesadillas; Mexican rice served with tortillas and vegetables.

Teppanyaki Menu

Teppanyaki style is used to prepare seafood such as lobster, prawns, salmons, and chicken and is served in large portions which cost ten thousand nairas and above.

Also, the teppanyaki menu is served with vegetables, noodles soup, sauce, rice and so on plus you can get combinations of seafood with chicken at Bungalow restaurants.

  • Desserts, chocolate and cream, brownies, vanilla cream, and banana with cream portions are all included on the menu.

Price reviews of food and drinks at Bungalow restaurant

While you can hope to spend less cash, you need to be informed that it is dependent on what you buy. Prices of food range from about 2,500 to almost 20,000 nairas, while drinks begin from a thousand naira for soft drinks to exotic wines sold for over 50,000 nairas.

Also, you can pay for dining services with your credit or debit card at Bungalow restaurant.

lagos restaurant bungalow

Amenities at Bungalow Restaurant

Ample Parking space

Bungalow restaurant has a wide parking space that can include as many cars as possible. This is one reason why people also prefer to drive in at any time to have a meal and also enjoy the environment.

Hence, you can take advantage of the free parking opportunity anytime you visit Bungalow restaurant.

Screen Entertainments

Televisions are hung up on walls within the restaurant and display sporting events all day long, this gives the restaurant a sports cafe aura. Also, outside there is a large television display hung high above which you can view from your sitting corner.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining is available in two different sections you can choose from. The area is conducive to a garden setting and also has comfortable chairs to help you relax.


The restroom facilities are available separately for males and females at the restaurant. There are wash basins, tiled walls and floors, gender tags, running water, mirrors and a water closet. Also, the restrooms seem rather private with doors and serve their purpose.

Bar sections

Bungalow restaurant has two bar sections where drinks such as fruit mix, cocktails and so on are sold. The arena serves you even if you desire to visit the restaurant just to grab a drink after a long day.