June 18, 2021


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FABGC: Comfortable strategy to facts

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To the Editor:

Despite the fact that the FABGC has generated a ton of discussion about a quantity of sizzling-button difficulties, I’m careful about their comfortable tactic to information: the decision” to demolish the west firehouse building an $80 million greenback recreation facility at St. Paul’s and permitting attendees from the GC Resort to rent on line casino court time.

On the other hand, there is one frequent thread to all of these. Not just one of them has been executed. They are all Strategies, issues the Board of Trustees has regarded around the a long time. There has been no vote or decision to demolish the firehouse there have been general public shows, including the three options of demolitionrepaiand repair & expansion. The St. Paul’s recreation facility? A suggestion shared with residents to get matters lastly transferring on St. Paul’s. No determination, no vote. Selling the Casino-dialogue was held on this as a person possibility amongst other folks. A brief casual conversation with the GC Hotel to see if they were intrigued in probably leaseing some court docket time occurred. But it went no even more.

My place is this. I want a Board of Trustees who investigates new concepts. I uncover certainly absolutely nothing mistaken with on the lookout at alternatives for a pretty previous firehouse in need to have of repair service. Following all the outcry about St. Pauls just sitting down there, at the very least the village trustees started off the conversation back up once again. Maybe it wasn’t the finest suggestion, but it did get points likely (and once again, was not carried out at all). Looking at the On line casino to be sure there weren’t other tips that were in the finest passions of all citizens – seems liable to me. 

If each new idea is likely to be used versus our officers, practically nothing can shift forward. Coming up with impressive alternatives, testing the waters, listening to from citizens and then moving (or, as in these scenarios not shifting) ahead is particularly what our village trustees must be executing.

On Tuesday, March 16, I’m voting for the candidates of the Local community Arrangement Bash. They have all been vetted and permitted by their respective property owners’ association.

They know how a village functions.

Leo Stimmler

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