Here Are Some Of The Best Transportation Options In Las Vegas

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Figuring out how to get around Las Vegas is the least exciting part of preparing for a trip to the beautiful city. The good news? Vegas’ top attractions are mounted around the Strip – and tourists can always drive to experience the stunning hotels. Forget driving, there are other transportation options to get around Las Vegas and explore some of the most iconic sights in the city. Depending on the needs of a traveler, these options span all budgets and luxury preferences. Whatever one is visiting Vegas for, here are the best transportation options in Las Vegas.

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Public Transportation System

The public transportation system in Las Vegas is quite impressive – and is the best option for getting around the town. Public transportation options include shuttles, trams, taxis, and the Las Vegas monorail. These options are discussed below:

Las Vegas Monorail

Getting around Vegas through monorail offers an amazing city experience and saves money without having to deal with the traffic hassles. With up to 50 miles per hour speed, travelers can navigate the entire Las Vegas Strip in at least 15 minutes – making it a fast, reliable, and convenient way of exploring the city. The option is perfect for visitors touring between numerous locations – and those who can drive the monorail do not have to worry about being assigned a driver to get around. One should consider certain things when deciding whether to use a monorail, including:

  • How often does one want to move around? Parking at one hotel and getting around Vegas with a monorail saves more money than moving between hotels since every hotel charges parking fees.
  • How far the walking distance is from the hotel to the monorail station. Travelers staying far from the station could be walking a lot.

Monorail stations in Las Vegas are located in MGM Grand, Paris/Bally’s Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Flamingo, the Linq Hotel & Casino Harrah’s, Las Vegas Convention Center, Westgate Resort + Casin, and SLS Las Vegas. Travelers can buy monorail tickets from the monorail station they are operating from. Passes are more budget-friendly, and one can purchase them, depending on the number of days they are staying around.

  • One-Ride: $5
  • 1 Day Pass: $13
  • 2 Day Pass: $23
  • 3 Day Pass: $29
  • 4 Day Pass: $36
  • 5 Day Pass: $43
  • 7 Day Pass: $56

Las Vegas Shuttles

Many casino hotels provide free shuttle services to travelers looking to get around the Strip, although, some shuttle buses are reserved for hotel guests. Travelers arriving in Las Vegas through the McCarran Airport have several options to get to their hotels. Visitors can use the airport shuttle buses – which include Bell Trans Shuttle, Airline Shuttle, and Super Shuttle to get to the Strip. These buses offer transport services 24 hours, with the trip taking longer than a private vehicle would.

Tipping the shuttle drivers is a culture in Vegas, and travelers should keep $2-$3 for that.

Shuttle Cost of Trip to Strip Cost of Trip to Downtown
Airline Shuttle $9 $10
Bell Trans Shuttle $15 $15
Super Shuttle $11 $11

The Downtown Loop is one of the free shuttle buses that offer transportation services to Fremont Street, the Arts District, and other attractions downtown.

  • Time of Operation: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm on Mondays through Thursdays and 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Las Vegas trams are free! Having three routes on Las Vegas Strip, using trams is one of the best transportation options for getting around the city. Some of the popular trams include the Mandalay Bay Tram and Mirage – Treasure Island Tram. Once at Treasure Island, visitors looking to board the tram wait behind automatic gates since these gates open almost immediately after the tram arrives. There are TVs playing ads featuring the Mirage shoes and attractions and the TI – and they are always fun to watch as one waits to get around the city of Las Vegas. Passing through scenic vegetation, including the beautiful palm trees surrounding the city, the tram ride was enjoyable. With an incredible aerial view of the TI pool, this is the kind of adventure no one would want to miss.

Mandalay Bay Trams, on the other hand, has indoor waiting points, but travelers need to walk a bit to make the loop – and they can always access the tram stop through the elevator or stairs. The only drawback of this using this Tram is that visitors may have to scramble to get to a car when the traffic is heavy.

  • Time of Operation of Mirage – Treasure Island Tram: Between 7:00 am to 2:00 am every day

Taxis And Ride-Sharing

Taxis might not be the very first recommendation to get around Vegas, but it is definitely a fast, comfortable means of exploring the popular attractions in the city. Taxis in Vegas operate differently – one is not allowed to hail a taxi along the street. These vehicles can only pick travelers from physical addresses, like a hotel taxi line. The good news is – most hotels have cab areas that operate 24 hours. Taxis are not allowed to stop anywhere along the Strip apart from the designated areas – and visitors can book Las Vegas taxi service from the airport or where one is staying to their destinations.

  • The Cost of a Taxi from the Strip to the Airport: $20-$25. Travelers should be ready with the tip money for taxi drivers (usually $2-$3).

The cost of a taxi depends on one’s destination, whether there is traffic, and the payment method used to pay for the service. Travelers who use credit cards pay a $3 fee, but most drivers in the city do not accept this payment method.

Commonly associated with Lyft and Uber, ride-sharing is another reliable transportation option for tourists to explore the city from anywhere in Las Vegas. All one needs to do is download a ride-sharing app, input their details, activate their location, and wait for the ride to them their various destination. It is a cheaper, convenient way of getting around Las Vegas, especially if traveling in a group as travelers can share the cost.

These Vegas transportation options can help visitors, especially those exploring the city for the first time. There is a car rental option, but it is really unnecessary because the other available options cover all needs and budgets.

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