July 13, 2024


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New eTourism Online Functionality: – Advanced Purchase & Non-Refundable Rates

New eTourism Online Functionality: – Advanced Purchase & Non-Refundable Rates

Advanced Purchase & Non-Refundable Rates

Due to popular demand – eTourism is pleased to announce that we have now created 2 new pieces of functionality to assist in selling your rooms online.

Advanced Purchase

A very popular room type to sell, where you offer a discounted rate for bookings made a certain number of days in advance.

In eTourism Online you can set this parameter to however many days prior to check in you require bookings to be made for this package.

In the example above, the Advanced Purchase is set to 30 days out. Although you have rates loaded into eTourism Online via your channel manager, the potential customer will not be able to book this rate online unless there is a minimum of 30 days between the booking date and the check in date.


Advance Purchase rates often have the condition of requiring pre-payment at time of booking, as well as being non-refundable. This setting overrides the normal payment rules that are set up, and advises the guest that you will be taking full payment at time of booking and that it will be non-refundable.

This setting can be activated without having to make your package an Advanced Purchase rate. This will be useful if you have a promotion or special rate that has the condition of being prepaid and non-refundable. 

Both of these settings are found from with the Rates/Package setup screen.

If you currently have rates that fit into either of these categories, please login to your eTourism Online system and update these settings.

If you would like assistance with activating this functionality please contact our support team via [email protected] or give us a call on 1300 551 448.