September 30, 2022


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Nexus, Oscar Winner Patrick Osborne Craft Time Travel Epic with Unreal Engine

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Nowadays, Nexus Studios, the BAFTA-successful studio behind the animated genre-bending horror-comedy The Property and Grammy-nominated new music feature Happier Than Ever: A Appreciate Letter to Los Angeles starring Billie Eilish, disclosed the teaser for their new animated production in advancement: This Tape Deck Is a Time Equipment, from Oscar- and Emmy-winning director Patrick Osborne. The teaser showcases a unique graphic 2D design made fully with actual-time technologies.

Conceived and directed by Osborne and created at Nexus Studios using Unreal Motor, this coming-of-age adventure follows a time-leaping teen who is transported into times of other people’s life by tunes played on an outdated tape deck. At its heart, This Tape Deck is a Time Equipment is an difficult tale of friendship and like centered close to soulmates born generations apart. The forged are a numerous team of misfits, encouraged by Patrick’s band of pals by way of his adolescent years.

Osborne led a group of skilled actual-time artists and creators at Nexus Studios, who embraced the distinctive problem of crafting the Tape Deck environment with a refined 2D aesthetic, designed totally in the Unreal Engine with no compositing. The group created bespoke shading methods to achieve the painterly and naturalistic excellent, leveraging the visible opportunity of the motor to make significant quality stylized animation.

“This is a challenge that breaks new ground both of those creatively and technically. It’s an animated creation with tunes at its main, advised with a robust graphic sensibility, pushing animation to new audiences whilst at the same time innovating the really way it is manufactured,” mentioned Chris O’Reilly, Co-Founder & Government Innovative Director, Nexus Studios.

This Tape Deck Is a Time Machine

This Tape Deck Is a Time Device

Harnessing the rewards of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine in this way delivers a multitude of advantages, such as the potential to render visuals pretty much promptly and enables numerous inputs into 1 scene concurrently. This makes it possible for for more imaginative liberty and iterative autonomy for Administrators who will be equipped to manipulate animated scenes in a equivalent fashion to capturing are living motion.

As a receiver of an Epic MegaGrant, Nexus Studios was in a position to carry on its long-standing collaboration with Epic Games. Innovating and creating on prime of the present abilities of the Unreal Engines’ strengths, the genuine-time division at Nexus Studios have been capable to adopt an agile and more iterative tactic to linear animated filmmaking at the maximum high-quality.

This Tape Deck Is a Time Machine

This Tape Deck Is a Time Machine

“Unreal Motor places artists in control and presents them unprecedented innovative liberty. By supporting filmmakers by way of our various systems and initiatives, which includes Epic MegaGrants, we’re in a position to accelerate their attempts and acquire priceless responses, opening the door for invention and discovery,” mentioned Karen Dufilho, Government Producer, Written content Partnerships, Epic Online games. “What Patrick and Nexus Studios have accomplished exemplifies the way contemporary storytellers want to do the job — collaboratively, spontaneously, and speedily — combining their present skills in animation with the real-time ability of Unreal to craft new worlds and tales that will interact audiences for many years to appear.”

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This Tape Deck Is a Time Machine

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