Tabitha travels through time in one of the series’ strangest episodes

Significantly like Tabitha, I really feel like we have traveled to an additional dimension, mainly because WHAT just happened? This week’s Riverdale episode, “Angels in The usa,” took items to a new amount, and I am nevertheless sorting via my feelings about it. In normal, I have appreciated the recent episodes. I’m weirdly into the people getting superpowers. One thing about the exhibit turning into even far more bonkers just feels proper! But this episode… was a large amount. Let’s dig in.

This week is all about Percival Pickens (Chris O’Shea) vs. Tabitha Tate (Erinn Westbrook), and it starts off when Percival announces his prepare to operate a privately owned railway as a result of the heart of Riverdale. And specified the central site of Pop’s, effectively, he looks to feel it’d be the greatest place for a practice station. Tabitha claims hell no, but when she goes to rally the troops, they do not seem to be prepared to consider on Percival just but.

Rather she goes household, discovers that Jug can hear her views — honestly, that took extended that I believed it would — and Jug indicates they find a way to declare Pop’s a historic landmark. But before they can determine out how to do that, a henchman walks into Pop’s and shoots Tabitha, sending her back again in time to Dec. 24, 1944.

Erinn Westbrook on 'Riverdale'

Erinn Westbrook on ‘Riverdale’

The CW Erinn Westbrook on ‘Riverdale’

There, she plays the position of Teresa as she runs into… Jughead? Just kidding, it really is not Jughead! It’s Rafael, her guardian angel. He is simply just assuming the form of Jughead mainly because if she saw his genuine type, she’d go insane. And this is strike a person on this episode for me. Superpowers I can handle, but precise angels? I assume I would somewhat watch a further cult leader create a rocket than check out this angel discuss about how only the Almighty has all the responses. So not only is this angel scarcely helpful, he also hands Tabitha a e-book titled The Enigma of Time Journey and tells her to read through it. Personally, I’d be pissed if an angel gave me research/ Can you not just tell me the CliffsNotes, dude?!

Just after Tabitha does her required looking through, she decides that much like the explosion induced powers for Archie, Betty, and, Jug, perhaps acquiring shot induced her powers of time vacation. But if you happen to be heading to inform me that trauma unlocks superpowers in Riverdale, every person need to have around 100 superpowers by now.

Tabitha arrives to the summary that she needs to obtain a talisman in get to support her command her powers. But prior to she can research for that, she has to go to a town meeting to make a decision whether or not Riverdale should really turn into a sunset town — that is, if all Black individuals should really have to go away the town limits by sundown.

Not astonishingly, it really is Percival Pickens — or what ever he’s calling himself in 1944 — who’s proposing this horrible concept, and as soon as all over again Tabitha finds herself fighting him.

That evening Tabitha meets Tracy (Toni), Flynn (Fangs), and their little one on the run from Centerville, wherever their car broke down. Centerville is a sundown town, and when their car or truck died they have been seen out past curfew. Tabitha agrees to house them, and when Percival tries to arrest them, she has to arrive up with a approach. It is Christmas Eve and she’s in will need of a Xmas miracle, so by natural means she turns to the angel in attendance! Her plan? To have Rafael show them his legitimate sort and as a result make them go crazy.

So yeah, it will work, and then Percival reveals up later in a straitjacket and shoots her again, sending her to April 3, 1968. I swear I’m not creating any of this up.

Upon her arrival, Tabitha instantaneously decides she needs to help you save Martin Luther King Jr. prior to he is assassinated. And this is strike two for this episode: I am fine if you want to just take an episode off the rails. Try out some time travel! But you can not have your cake and take in it also. You won’t be able to have a bonkers episode with angels and time vacation but then also attempt to root it in precise history. Seeing folks cry more than the information that MLK Jr. is lifeless times right after an angel drove some men and women insane? Potentially Rafael confirmed me his accurate variety and I’m now crazy, since it just felt off.

But the insane doesn’t prevent there! When the mayor declares a state of emergency and puts an finish to general public gatherings, Percival tells Tabitha that she has till 6 p.m. to crystal clear out Pop’s. So do you want to know what she does? Do you? She phone calls J. EDGAR HOOVER and tells him she is aware of all about his magic formula data files!!! (Do not even get me started out on how uncomplicated it was for her to get him on the telephone.) The moral of this episode: Spend attention in historical past class, young children. You by no means know when you could use that expertise to blackmail the director of the FBI the subsequent time you happen to be sent by time!

Extended tale brief, she wins this round and Percival crops a bomb in Pop’s. The explosion then sends her to 1999, where by a bunch of white supremacists are vandalizing Pop’s. But when the kid they capture with the spray paint promises not to have any memory of carrying out it, she is aware Percival is behind points. Tabitha breaks into Percival’s store of “curious merchandise” and discovers factors like the Spear of Longinus and, you know, the actual Holy Grail.

Then we get this quotation from Rafael, who’s performed by Betty in this environment: “There are some guys whose hearts are so cold they burn up down villages just for the heat.” Never explain to me angels usually are not sensible.

Rafael decides that the Holy Grail need to be Tabitha’s talisman because… she’s so Jesus-like? But when she goes to seize it, Percival, dressed as a soldier, attacks her. Fortunately she grabs the spear and informs us all that she took fencing in higher education! I cannot.

Percival then reveals his serious identify is Legion? Or something like that. He reveals us a glimpse of what I presume is his serious confront and it is NOT sweet. Then when Tabitha goes to stab him, he disappears. So she burns down his store and returns to Pop’s for the second I am calling strike 3 of this episode (but is definit
ely probably strike 10): She beverages a milkshake out of the Holy Grail, kinda like Jesus at the Very last Supper, in order to journey again to current day.

Back again the in present, she updates everyone on what she discovered (and on her new powers). Effectively, all people which means Jughead, Betty, Archie, and Cheryl, because evidently Veronica’s deficiency of powers signifies she’s out of the internal circle. She informs them all that she traveled to the future and noticed Riverdale’s destiny, where the diner was an empty shell and the sky was complete of ash. Now they need to get ready to struggle Percival.

As for what Tabitha learned on her journey: The Holy Grail was not her talisman and there was no need to set a milkshake in it: “Pop’s was my talisman all together.”

Listen, I’m all for Riverdale leaning into the mad and getting some exciting with just how over-the-best it is. But throwing with each other time journey, angels, MLK Jr.’s loss of life, Jesus, and heaps of racism? I can’t say this just one labored for me.

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