Kati and I love Rome.  We love the feel and atmosphere that comes out from every nook and cranny that is Rome.  The history of Rome.  The lifestyle of the Romans.  We love it all.  Nicknamed “the eternal city”, Rome exemplifies just that notion. A city that has stood for over […]

One of our favorite countries to travel to has to be Sweden.  We love it year-round and have even spent Christmas there with family. Though we typically stay in the countryside, no trip to Sweden is complete without visiting Stockholm.  It’s the capital and largest city in Sweden. It’s also […]

Wondering what are some fun things you could enjoy in Houston, Texas? Read our guide below for the 10 fun things to do and places to visit in Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas, is among the top 4 most populated cities in the US, having approximately 2.3 million inhabitants. Its unique historical value, […]