Time travel is the gimmick that never gets old. Human beings love the idea of visiting the past, exploring the future, and discovering a new present. Any media with time travel in it lets us dream a little dream about what could be. The new Disney+ spin-off Loki revisits this […]

The Timewasters forged in their fantastic 1920s outfits.Graphic: Amazon Studios/IMDb Tv set Timewasters—a sharp, funny 2017-2019 British series that is now out there stateside, many thanks to Amazon’s cost-free streamer IMDb TV—follows the adventures of a having difficulties jazz quartet following they are suddenly transported to 1926 London. Along with […]

A crop of the protect of The Paradox Lodge. See the full protect below!Image: Ballantine Textbooks The Paradox Hotel—the latest from Rob Hart (The Warehouse)—is explained as “a locked-place murder thriller established at a resort for time tourists,” a premise that couldn’t be much more intriguing. Now , io9 can […]

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Synchronic.] Synchronic isn’t necessarily a movie where you need to understand the layered backstory to know it’s just a jaw-dropping slice of modern-day sci-fi. Writer/director duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead mostly avoid the pitfalls of time travel storytelling in their tale of two New Orleans EMTs—father-of-two […]