July 25, 2024


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TikToker Shares ‘Proof’ Of Time Travel Utilizing Examples From Record

A TikToker has posted a sequence of videos detailing moments in record that he believes should have been impacted in some way by time travellers... Pinch of salt necessary, normally.

Santiago (@ivyonpss) routinely posts about conspiracy theories and ‘disturbing facts’, and also has a seven-portion series about ‘history facts that make it look like a time traveller was involved’.

These include ‘the invention of the potato chip’… Yep.

In one particular video, Santiago describes: “There was a cook dinner who was producing French-fried potatoes for a shopper, and the buyer retained sending them back, boasting they had been ‘too thick’.

“So ultimately, the discouraged cook dinner peeled off skinny slices of potato and fried all those, seemingly considering ‘Let’s see him contact these way too thick!” … and it variety of took off from there.

“That buyer appears to me like someone who appreciates particularly what potato chips are, and needs to delight in his favourite snack, but he is possessing a little bit of difficulty having the prepare dinner at the regional cafe to get them suitable…”

Erm, okay. I’ll confess I’m not extremely confident by that a single, fella.

Credit: PA
Credit score: PA

What about the bombing of Hamburg Shipyard?

Santiago says: “That just one story of the male who knowledgeable an air raid 11 many years ahead of it transpired. Journalist J. Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt ended up sent by a German newspaper to do a tale on the Hamburg shipyard in 1932. It was an uneventful go to – right up until the bombs started raining down on them.

“Hutton and Brandt realized they have been caught in the center of an air raid and superior-railed it out of there, but not in advance of snapping some pictures. When they acquired back again to the centre of Hamburg, no a single thought their story.

“They developed the images they took, intending to demonstrate to all people that they weren’t mad. In actuality, they proved the opposite: the shots showed no indications of an air raid.

“Eleven yrs later, Hutton was residing in London when he opened up a newspaper and most likely just about spit his coffee across his desk. There was a story about Procedure Gomorrah, an air raid on Hamburg. The accompanying photographs appeared just what he had seasoned in 1932.”

So, the idea below is that Hutton and Brandt experienced an experienced the air raid 11 yrs ahead of it transpired. Therefore… time vacation.

Santiago also statements a novelist named Cleve Cartmill may possibly have been a time traveller, possessing penned a 1944 book named Deadline ‘basically foreshadowing the enhancement of the atomic bomb’.

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

In a different movie, he tells the tale of a person named Andrew Carlssin, who was reportedly arrested and investigated by the FBI right after claiming to be a time traveler from 2026.

He apparently manufactured a substantial wedge of hard cash following figuring out which shares to bid on, travelling back to 2003 to do specifically that – whilst the news was at some point disregarded as it had been shared by a satirical web site.

Santiago, on the other hand, reckons there was proof of lacking cash from the stock market at the time, in switch supposedly providing proof of time vacation.

A different example Santiago has shared is that of the Pilgrims from the Mayflower getting greeted by Native American Samoset.

As the story goes, he spoke to them in English, not only declaring ‘welcome’ but also asking for a beer – his information of English imagined to be a signal that time journey exists, regardless of the simple fact some historians believe Native Americans may perhaps have acquired languages from fishermen.

Santiago even refers again to the Ancient Egyptian instances and the Indus Valley Civilisation from 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE – when a person of the biggest accomplishments was the world’s to start with toilet and drainage technique.

This, he says, is however a further instance of an invention that have to be way ahead of its time… and indicative, undoubtedly, of time journey.

Make of all that what you will.