July 13, 2024


Travel Finishes First

Wally West’s New Time Travel is Disturbing

Wally West is zipping through the time stream thanks to a freak accident, and he is doing it in the most disturbing way possible.

Wally West has found a new method of time travel in the pages of The Flash and it is one of the most disturbing ways of doing so—by possessing the bodies of other speedsters throughout the past and present. It will be on display for readers to see in The Flash #769, written by Jeremy Adams with art by David LaFuente and Brandon Peterson; with a cover by Peterson and a variant by Zi Xu. The issue is in stores April 20.

The past decade has not been kind to Wally West, the original Kid Flash. After he was scrubbed from existence and replaced during the New 52 era, he would return in Rebirth to a world that did not know him. His grief and anger over losing the life he had known caused him to accidentally murder several heroes during Heroes in Crisis. From there he found the Mobius chair and obtained the powers of Doctor Manhattan; he was reunited with his wife and kids and would play a key role in Dark Nights Death Metal.  All of this has caught up with Wally and now he seeks retirement, but it is not going to be that easy as Barry Allen, the current Flash, still needs Wally in the fight against evil.

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When readers meet up with Wally in issue 769, an accident has hurled him into the time stream, but with a unique and disturbing twist—he possesses the body of other speedsters. Thrown into the 30th century, he takes over the body of Bart Allen, AKA Impulse. Wally must now discover the cause of the time jumps and why he is inhabiting the bodies of other speedsters. He will be assisted by the Gold Beetle, a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold hybrid.

  • THE FLASH #769
  • Written by JEREMY ADAMS
  • Card stock variant cover by ZI XU
  • ON SALE 4/20/21
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC
  • After an accident pushes Wally West into the time stream, the former Kid Flash lands in the body of his onetime partner, Impulse. Now sprinting through the 30th century side by side with the mysterious (and, yeah, ridiculous) Gold Beetle, Wally must uncover what’s causing the destructive explosions that keep propelling him through time and the bodies of other speedsters.

The idea of jumping through time by inhabiting the bodies of others is nothing new—entire television shows have been based around the premise, but here it gets a unique spin. The only bodies Wally can inhabit are others gifted with super speed. Is there a connection between the time jumps and the Speed Force? Or is there something else at work? What happens to the other speedsters while Wally inhabits their body? And will Wally finally be able to retire?

DC launches Infinite Frontier this March, and it promises to shake things up, providing new directions and status quos to some of DC’s most beloved heroes, the Flash among them. Wally wishes to be done with the Flash mantle as it has brought him much grief, but the heroic life is not done with him yet. Perhaps in the process of returning home, Wally will rediscover what it means to be the Flash.

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