July 25, 2024


Travel Finishes First

What’s the difference between carbon neutral and Net Zero?

Our plan isn’t about one quick fix, because…there isn’t one. It’s about our commitment to learn and adapt as human behaviour, technology and innovations provide new and exciting ways to decarbonise. That’s why we’ve reset our Climate Action Plan, to 4 points, replacing Remove and Offset with Restore:

Measure the emissions from our business and trips.

Reduce emissions to achieve our verified science-based targets – read more about them here. We’ve even established a Carbon Fund to help fund our transition to net zero. (This is a big deal – putting money where our mouth is, basically).

Invest in nature-based carbon removal solutions and conservation efforts to help support projects that can restore our planet. These projects will be funded via our TreadRight Foundation. 

Continue to learn from others, invest in new technologies and support strategic alliances that enable us and the industry to move to a low carbon economy.

This is just the beginning, and we’re excited to step up our game as we continue towards a future for travel that has coral reefs blushed pink instead of bleached white. That has skies filled with the sounds of parakeets, rather than heavy clouds of smog. In another 60+ years we want to still be showing Contiki travellers the spine-tingling beauty of this wonderful world. So, let’s keep it that way, eh?