July 20, 2024


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Woman claiming to be ‘trust fund baby’ makes bomb threat over hotel room

Judge orders woman held without bail

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Metro police said a woman could have caused “mass panic” inside a Las Vegas Strip casino after they said she called in a fake bomb threat because she could not get a hotel room, they wrote in an arrest report.

Police arrested Ashley Warner, 31, on Friday night at the Wynn Las Vegas. Officers had responded to the property earlier in the evening after a woman called 911 saying there was a bomb in the hotel, they said.

Officers found Warner on the property who told police “She [could not] get a room because nobody knows who she is,” police said. Warner went on to say, “Everyone should know who she is because she is a trust fund baby for Warner Bros. Studios,” police said.

There was no indication in the report that Warner has any relation to the production company.

While speaking with police, Warner then said, “she made the threat because she is tired of being harassed and dealing with people who don’t know how to act when she says she does not have ID,” they said.

Warner was denied bail due to being out of custody on another felony charge. Court records show Warner was previously charged with trespassing and a judge had ordered her to stay away from the Strip.