(CNN) – If you are sensation cooped up soon after months and months of the pandemic, you are not by itself. Numerous are hunting forward to touring once again, but proof of vaccination could be demanded when finding absent. Smartphone apps like CommonPass are becoming made to allow customers to […]

Romania’s capital, Bucharest will amaze you by its multiple personalities: a Balkan feeling, an architecture that is French-inspired, which is transformed by forty years of communism, now it’s a thriving Western-inspired city that has an energetic feeling. This guide is made by locals to give you an idea of what […]

Curing cancer is a noble goal and all, but sometimes scientists just want to see what happens when you give octopuses ecstasy. From medical marvels to wild speculations about time travel, aliens and the end of the universe, New Atlas revisits some of 2020’s strangest science stories. The man who […]

I’m trapped at household, you’re stuck at residence, we’re all trapped at house. Jetting off to some enjoyable-loaded destination like we employed to may possibly not be in the playing cards for a minor though nevertheless. But what about travelling by way of time? And not just the uninteresting way, […]