July 25, 2024


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New eTourism Online Functionality: CTD & CTA

New eTourism Online Functionality: CTD & CTA

eTourism has released a new update to our market leading reservations software eTourism Online. We have built a “Closed to Arrival” (CTA) and a “Closed to Departure” (CTD) functionality to enable managers to administer their inventory and maximise their occupancy. eTourism has had many requests for this new functionality over the last 6 weeks & we have responded by creating this new tool.

CTA & CTD are an inventory control mechanism used by managers. It means that no new reservations can be taken for guests arriving or departing on a given set date. It is used with other inventory control mechanism to provide stay pattern management. This can be used to control stays over given busy periods or over given specific dates for example Christmas Day. It means that people can stay throughout the period but simply not checkin or checkout on that set day.

To enable this functionality, log into your eTourism Online extranet and go to the rates/packages screen. You will notice that 2 new options now appear next to the package name. If you click Show CTD or Show CTA, additional fields will appear underneath a given date. Simply click the relevant option you would like to apply to the date. Then click Save to make the changes live.

Please note that this functionality is not currently available through your channel managers. We understand that some channel managers already support this through given channels so our plan is to get this integrated when possible. These parameters must be manually configured in eTourism Online.

Should you require any assistance to get this setup for your eTourism Online, please contact our support team via [email protected] or 1300 551 448.