Sci-Fi Short Film Time Travel Dinosaurs Hell Creek

A man in a green Army jacket cowers on the forest floor.

Again in 2020, we shared filmmaker Danny Donahue’s Evil Lifeless-evoking horror short Beast of Prey. He’s obtained a new a single with a killer logline: “a time traveler is hunted by a dinosaur,” and it’s undoubtedly worth halting what you are undertaking to commit the next couple minutes immersed in Hell Creek. Verify it out!

“I produced it due to the fact dinosaurs were being what influenced me to get into filmmaking in the to start with put. It is only 6 minutes very long, and acts like a prologue to a much greater tale, but it took me an entire yr to make. I have been generating small horror films for yrs, but I decided it was time to try out something a little distinctive,” author-director-VFX creator Donahue told io9 in an e-mail. In Hell Creek’s YouTube movie description box, he also breaks down the short’s additional complex factors (impressively, he’s self-taught!), and notes that “I researched all kinds of animal video clips, viewed Jurassic Park, Strolling with Dinosaurs, and other items of dinosaur media to check out to get a fantastic knowledge of realistic motion. Simultaneously I was planning out the limited movie … we filmed the short in two days with a two-person crew. Right after filming, I spent numerous months on my pc, animating, compositing, mixing, coloring, and performing almost everything else that had to be accomplished to complete the movie. It is been a long time coming and I’m genuinely thrilled to clearly show absolutely everyone.”

The conclusion final result is limited, but hints at a earth that could unquestionably be expanded: who is this time traveler, where did he arrive from, where’s he likely, how does his technologies work, what is he gonna do now that he has a big stowaway hitching a trip driving him? And here’s a pleasurable point: Donahue also informed io9 that “after the reality, I figured out that one of our areas was really used in the initially Jurassic Park film (the raptor dig web page scene) which felt like a very good omen, offered the subject subject.”

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Karen J. Simmons

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