Time travel and anti-gravity tech IS possible and could be used to find Earth-like planets, secret UFO files reveal

TIME travel and anti-gravity technological innovation is attainable and could be harnessed by humans to go to other worlds, according to recently produced Pentagon paperwork.

The real-lifetime X-Information were obtained by The Sunshine as component of a Independence of Data ask for into the Pentagon’s secretive UFO programme the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification System (AATIP).

Time travel is possible, according to newly uncovered Pentagon files


Time travel is probable, according to recently uncovered Pentagon documentsCredit: Getty – Contributor

A person file explores how to use anti-gravity technology to make planes and spacecraft, stating that the “consequences can be executed by manipulating spacetime”.

Wanting at distinctive means of “controlling gravity”, the report states: “It could be feasible to make exotic phenomena these as more quickly-than-light vacation… and time equipment.

“Wormholes” in spacetime could also be utilized for interstellar travel, the examine adds.

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One more file states long term aerospace “platforms could have propulsion methods that modify their bordering space time geometry to put into practice speedier than light-weight room flight or develop levitation via anti gravity”.

The bombshell paperwork, from the Protection Intelligence Company (DIA), also define strategies to mail many spaceships manned by just one pilot to “colonize” deep area alongside with studies into how humans can run robots with their minds.

The fleet would consist of a spaceship with nuclear driven electromagnets to shield the manned spacecraft from radiation, “halo spacecraft with powerful radars” to scout for incoming objects, along with exploration and mining crafts.

This would be manned by one particular pilot and could be employed for missions involving feasible colonisation, according to the files.

The report states it is targeted on “traditional human pilots” not “cyborg-improved astrobots”.

The exploration displays that a single human could only manage a greatest of four crafts when tasked with finishing missions and appears at approaches the human mind could be made to enhance this.

It concludes: “The important progress to come in establishing augmented human capability to pilot various spacecraft will be in being familiar with the cognitive organisation of multi-tasking.”

Other documents appears to be like at how nuclear-bomb powered room rockets can construct bridges with earth-like planets in other solar methods.

The spaceships, powered by nuclear explosions, will be ready to explore deep into our solar procedure and beyond, while generating it “economically possible”.


The report goes on to say how nuclear run rockets and spaceships would help humanity to “make bridges” above Oort clouds – levels of icy objects that surround the sunlight – in order to find other earth-like planets.

The examine explores how the nuclear explosions would be brought on by lasers.

The data files on deep area exploration had been aspect of a 1,574 webpages attained by The Sunshine from the Protection Intelligence Agency immediately after a four-12 months Liberty of Information battle.

Other files contained information on how to communicate with aliens and explored the documented well being outcomes on individuals who experienced observed UFOs or knowledgeable close encounters with aliens.

The Sun requested any paperwork linked to AATIP in December 2017, just days following aspects of the shadowy project were being manufactured general public.

The undertaking ran involving 2007 and 2012, headed by Luis Elizondo who statements UFOs do exist and this has been “proved over and above acceptable question”.

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A report launched by the Pentagon final year confirmed there have been 144 reports of Unknown Aerial Phenomena by military services pilots.

This yr the Pentagon introduced it was location up a actual daily life X Documents device to explore UFO sightings additional.

The Pentagon ran its secret AATIP programme from 2007


The Pentagon ran its magic formula AATIP programme from 2007Credit: AFP
Letter from the DIA to The Sun confirming that it was releasing 1,574 pages of AATIP files


Letter from the DIA to The Sun confirming that it was releasing 1,574 webpages of AATIP informationCredit score: DIA

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