Why is it necessary to go on a trip to Auschwitz?

There are many such places that simply have to be visited because they played an important role in history. They are also lessons for the future and make you think. Find out why you need to go and visit Auschwitz.

Who should go to Auschwitz?

Here are some groups of people who absolutely must go Auschwitz tour.

  • People who want to understand the history of the Second World War, how it all started and what the consequences were.
  • People who want to learn about human nature and how it can be distorted in the most horrific ways
  • People who are interested in politics and the rise of fascism.
  • People who want to see the place where the unthinkable happened.
  • People who want to learn about courage, resistance and survival.
  • People who want to understand what it means to be human and how far we can go in our quest for power, money and fame.

Why is it necessary to go to Auschwitz?

For many people, the answer to this question is obvious: visiting Auschwitz is everyone’s duty. In fact, we cannot truly understand the history of World War II without visiting this place of horror and disgrace.

We must go there to see with our own eyes the gas chambers, crematoria and other facilities built to facilitate mass murder. We must go there to hear and understand the tragedy of the victims.

You have to visit it to see a place that symbolises humanity’s capacity for evil and destruction. Why is it necessary to go to Auschwitz in particular? For many, the answer to this question is obvious: a visit to Auschwitz is everyone’s duty. We have to go to see the gas chambers and crematoria, to hear the stories of the survivors and to learn what happened here. The Holocaust is not just a historical fact, it is a crime against humanity that took place in our time. Yet for many people Auschwitz remains an abstraction rather than a reality.

Is it worth going to Auschwitz with a child?

Auschwitz was a place of unimaginable horror and suffering. We try to protect our children from the worst of it, but the truth is that at some point they will find out about it anyway. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take them, but we should be aware of certain things and prepare for them in advance.

If you are planning to visit Auschwitz with your child, here are some tips that may help:

– Start by reading about the Holocaust. Your child will probably have many questions and it is good to be prepared.

– Don’t expect your child to understand everything they see at Auschwitz, especially if they are young. Don’t try to explain what happened there in too much detail.

– Talk to your child about what he/she feels and thinks during the stay. Even if he or she doesn’t want to talk, try to make him or her feel comfortable enough to do so, and open up when he or she is ready to do so.

– Do not expect your child to remain silent throughout the visit. Therefore, consider whether your child is big enough to go to such a place.

If your child is big enough and you decide to take them, try to make them understand that this is not a place to play but rather a very serious place. Make sure your child understands why they are going there, who was involved and what happened there during the Second World War.

Make a sensible decision about whether or not it is worth taking your child on a trip to Auschwitz. It may be worth waiting a few more years for him or her to better understand the tragedy.

Karen J. Simmons

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