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FTMO Trading Review: Is It a Scam?

<strong>FTMO Trading Review: Is It a Scam?</strong>

FTMO is a company that is admitted to merchants by merchants. The platform allegedly claims that you can improve your trading skills through its app. In addition, he claims that he finances merchants. Companies have two unique methods they use to screen potential clients. This involves an FTMO challenge and verification process. The company was launched to recognize business talent.

Once clients complete the negotiation course will automatically get a placement on the FTMO property. Here you can manage your accounts with amounts up to $100,000. Achieving that status is not an easy task. The company is primarily aimed at experienced traders in the market.

You can also use the best forex broker in the market to make decent profits. They welcome even novice traders to the market. FTMO is a heavy company that has financed several merchants. They started a successful company in 2015, and some reviews show they can be trusted.

Don’t worry, as company performance psychologists, training courses and account analysis will be available to guide you. The platform wants traders to get financial freedom.

The company claims that it offers investors the best service in the industry. They assure clients that they offer the best accounts, with low commissions, raw spreads and no markup. It is compatible with MT4, cTrader and MT5; It is up to the merchant to choose what they like.

Ftmo.com review

The company claims that it is more than a finance company. Your clients can get a lot of benefits by using this platform. It has a personalized app, a performance psychologist to guide investors, and an account evaluation.

The company has created several applications for its clients. Apps have different functions; some will help you analyze the market, gain discipline, or help you create a magazine. FTMO sees itself as the leading proprietary company in the market.

Traders will have the ability to use multiple assets in the market. The company claims that it is fashionable. In addition, the company does not limit the leverage that clients can get.

There is only one fixed cost.

The company does not charge merchants a recurring fee. Also, there are no hidden fees or membership fees. The money you deposited as the first payment will be returned to you plus the profit earned upon withdrawal.

The owner of this company is Otakar Suffner, also the founder of Ziskejucet.cz. However, these other platforms are only accessible to Czech citizens. FTMO is a company that targets investors from all over the world.

However, we do not know how accurate the company is, but some activities benefit investors. FTMO has a mentoring app for all traders. This app will eliminate all possible human errors in your trading. The company shows some of its partners who have Forex trading experience.

How does FTMO work?

The company’s first procedure is the financing process. The platform will evaluate your trades; this method is known as the FTMO challenge. You must pass this stage to proceed to the next step.

Investors must trade for one month with a minimum of 10 trading days. The expected return is $1,000, with a maximum loss of $1,000. The amount refundable by the company is 155 Euros.

The company must verify that it can manage the risk. Therefore, you must fulfil the trading objectives of the platform to participate in its investment services. The company does not require clients to follow any specific strategy. You can use whatever method suits you.

At this verification stage, it will operate for two months. The last day you can buy is ten days; the maximum daily loss should not exceed $500. You have to hit your $500 return target.

Traders must demonstrate their trading skills and ability to observe trading activity with discipline. The second stage is the verification stage. When you graduate, you will gain access to the trading capital of the company’s financial partners.

You will become an FTMO trader for a proprietary trading platform. You will trade risk-free and get a 70% return. If you are a repeat customer, you will earn more revenue. You can buy it for an unspecified day.

Customer Support

FTMO claims to have dedicated customer support that is ready to help investors. You can contact them via email, live chat, or even phone. The platform also has psychologists who can help investors.

They will analyze your trading account and provide feedback that can help you develop. Once clients pass their verification, they can start trading. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. Support and responds to customer inquiries promptly.

The company phone number is; +44 20333222983, and the email address is; [email protected]. They are available on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

The company has garnered several positive reviews from so-called customers. It’s about returning the trader’s money and their profits, and they rate the company as the best company on the market.

FTMO should be professional and dedicated. Traders who join the platform will gain the virtue of patience. The company’s team will help you become a disciplined trader. This will help you manage your trades tactically.

Investors described the whole research process as simple. This broker is supposed to be profitable, and traders can use it to earn extra coins. There are no restrictions, and you can trade freely. According to this testimony, the company’s customer support is beneficial and detailed.

This platform is highly recommended, and they have a demo account that you can get acquainted with. FTMO will help you become a successful trader. Unfortunately, there is no proof of payment for this customer. The company, however, did not have a single negative review.

According to information from Whois.com, the platform was launched in November 2001. It is privately registered, but the registrant contract appears to be from the Czech Republic. Most of Ftmo.com’s customers seem to be from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It has a total traffic of 18,918, which is very high.

Final decision

FTMO is a proprietary online platform; that provides capital to prosperous merchants. Its main goal is to turn investors into successful fund managers. The company assures its clients that they will get 70% profit plus a refund of the deposited money.

The information presented by the platform is fascinating. Please wait until you read their excellent testimonials. This company is suitable for any trader who wants to receive financing. However, you must be dedicated and work hard to achieve your needs.

This platform has strict rules that you have to follow. The tools they provide are not the best. Also, the educational resources available may not be helpful for experienced traders.

Several investment forex brokerage firms in the market accept both novice and expert traders. It would help if you saw how it performs before investing any amount.