How To Fast Travel In V Rising

The world of Vardoran in V Rising holds many secrets. While a majority of these secrets are directly related to gameplay, such as finding iron, there are a few that can simply make your life as a vampire easier. One unknown feature of V Rising is the fast travel system, which works like a traditional system in an MMORPG. There are Vampire Waygates scattered around the map, which serve as the teleport stations that you can use to fast travel to other Waygates you’ve discovered.

Although, the Vampire Waygates aren’t exactly what they seem. There are some caveats to using the Waygates and this can hinder your ability to fast travel. Below, you can see exactly how the Vampire Waygates and the fast travel system work in V Rising.

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Fast traveling in V Rising

The Waygates in V Rising are marked on the map as green house icons. Once you discover one, it will be marked on your map permanently so you can see exactly how far away you are to any given Waygate. Each Waygate has a different name, which makes it easier to know exactly where you are in the world. While the Waygates seem simple enough to use, there is one large caveat to using them to fast travel the map.

You cannot fast travel while carrying resources. This applies to anything you can gather out in the world, such as minerals, wood, plant fibers, leather and animal hide, etc. The developers have designed the Waygates like this so players must make hard decisions while gathering resources across the map. This also brings the sun into play, as you must now brave the elements traveling back to your base with an inventory full of resources instead of simply fast traveling. You can still have consumables or general equipment in your inventory if you want to fast travel, though.

If you don’t want to travel hundreds of meters with resources in your inventory, you can establish different castles in every region of V Rising. This will make it easier to store resources that you might not want to lose due to enemies or the sun. These various bases will also allow you to potentially bypass the sun altogether. You can think of them as waystations to pass the time during the day and then resume travel once nighttime arrives.

Unfortunately for those who want to use the Vampire Waygates to their fullest extent, there aren’t too many in Vardoran. Most regions have four at the maximum, making the distance between each one fairly far. However, this can be mitigated by making your own Vampire Waygate. In order to do so, you must first defeat the boss Polora the Feywalker. Polora has a recommended level of 34 and can be found roaming the Gleaming Meadows in the western part of Farbane Woods. Upon defeating Polora, you will unlock the blueprint for the Vampire Waygate.

The construction of each Waygate costs the following resources:

  • 10 Gem Dust
  • 20 Copper Ingots
  • 20 Planks
  • 200 Blood Essence

Your constructed Waygates work the exact same way as the default ones found out in the world. You can use them to fast travel to any other Waygate. Additionally, other players on your server can’t use your personal Waygates, so they might be a good way to escape an enemy player if you can get close to one.

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