Three Important Things Your Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Lawyer Will Do for You

Three Important Things Your Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Lawyer Will Do for You

Personal injuries can be disabling, painful, and even life-threatening. Usually, victims need to see a doctor immediately to stabilize their conditions and get medical treatment. If you sustained an injury in an accident that was another party’s fault, getting prompt treatment is important for your safety and to document your injury. In this case, you must hire a Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer to help pursue the compensation that covers all injury-related expenses. A great attorney is prepared to put their experience and expertise to work for you. Here’s how your lawyer will help you obtain fair and full compensation:

Review All Settlement Offers

The insurance company of the party responsible for your accident and injury will want to pay you as little as possible. It does this by offering lowball settlements soon following the accident. The company will count on you to accept the offers; however, the money won’t be enough to cover your ongoing medical expenses. And when you accept the offer, you won’t be able to pursue more compensation down the road.

A skilled personal injury attorney will review the insurance company’s settlement offers with you and ensure it does not take advantage of you as you try to overcome the challenges you face. The attorney may decline initial offers as they work to determine the amount you are owed. 

Calculate Your Medical Bills

Recovering from an accident injury may take a long time and can take several months or years. In fact, some victims may not fully recover because their injuries resulted in a permanent disability. Other victims can require assistance from caregivers because of profound disabilities such as traumatic brain injuries or paralysis. Once an attorney takes on your claim, they will consult with your treating physicians to know the impacts of your injuries on your life. Then, they will fight to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Negotiate with the Insurer

After your lawyer has determined the amount of money you are owed based on your medical bills. They will make a demand letter that they will send to the insurer. This letter will outline the amount of money your attorney believes is fair based on what you and your loved ones have experienced and will still experience while you recover. 

However, the insurer may not agree to pay you the money you deserve despite being presented with proof and evidence. Thankfully, your attorney is aware of the tactics the company will use to avoid paying fair compensation. They can always be a step ahead of the insurer throughout the negotiation process. 

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