Take This Amazing Food Tour of Milwaukee


Milwaukee is a city rich in culture and art. The affordability of Milwaukee Houses for Sale is one feature that attracts admiration from outsiders. A home in the US costs about $350,000 on average. And a home in Milwaukee costs about $180,000 on average. Additionally, there are many possibilities if you’re a beer-swilling, hot dog-eating, sports enthusiast. In the city, a festival of some kind is continuously taking place. Because of this, many residents refer to it as the “city of festivals.” The largest of them all and its biggest music festival is Summerfest. Continue reading to take this amazing food tour of Milwaukee.

Frozen Custard

There is no better city than Milwaukee to experience frozen custard since many famous vendors began there in the 1930s and 1940s. For this traditional, delectable dessert, visit the city’s oldest stands, such as Leon’s, Gilles, and Kopp’s.

Fish Fry

Friday fish fries provided a cheap and tasty alternative for those who avoided meat on Fridays, which was a large portion of them. By the 20th century, locals found Lake Michigan had an abundance of fish, making it a cheap meal alternative. Fish fries then became a well-known Milwaukee custom. Louis and Ruth Hirschinger popularized the all-you-can-eat fish fry in the 1940s and 1950s. Fish fries are still popular now even if they don’t usually offer unlimited food. This is more than 50 years ago. 

Cheese Curds

Milwaukee is primarily recognized for its cheese curds. Although the Midwest and Canada are also big fans of this beloved side, Milwaukee has some of the greatest around. The cheese curd’s precise ancestry is unknown. Some claim that it all began in Ancient Rome when cheese curds were fried and served in a meal called Globuli. Others accept a myth about a nomadic traveler whose milk curdled while it was in transit (due to the bag containing the enzyme rennin). However, Wisconsin is a well-known location for this delectable fried appetizer due to its ornate and ornamented cheesemaking tradition. 


All around the country, brats are offered in stadiums, but Wisconsin is the state where brats reign supreme. One of the most significant historical hubs for the brat in the United States is the city of Sheboygan, which is located about an hour north of Milwaukee. Typically, bratwursts are roasted over charcoal at a medium-low temperature. Despite the fact that local professionals may refer to the cooking method as “frying,” they are still referring to grilling the brats. In Milwaukee, Milwaukee Brat House and The Vanguard both sell delectable brats. You can also buy them from the deli at Usinger’s Famous Sausage and make your own brats at home.

Butter Burgers

Whether Wisconsin was the true home of the hamburger doesn’t matter because Milwaukee is famous for its butter burger. Although Kroll’s Hamburgers first served butter-topped hamburgers in Green Bay in 1936, many people attribute the dish’s enormous popularity to Solly’s. In 1936, Solly’s restaurant debuted as a coffee shop instead. Then they started concentrating on butter burgers, and it quickly changed into Solly’s Grille.


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