July 21, 2024


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Thai House Restaurant in Miami- Review –

Thai House Restaurant in Miami- Review –

Tucked away in the southwest corner of 163rd Street and Biscayne boulevard in North Miami Beach is Thai House II. A small Thai restaurant and Sushi Bar that boast a banging menu of bold flavors.

Like this green curry, made up of coconut milk and Thai pepper, served with your choice of meat, but I went with the crispy duck. While for me the duck itself lacked flavor and could have used more seasoning, the richness of the green curry was its best compliment.

Crispy Duck on the left with Green Curry on the Right

Or this Fresh Papaya Salad made of shredded green papaya, tomatoes, carrots, lime juice, shrimp, and peanuts. It’s like nothing I have ever tasted.

Fresh Papaya Salad

On my first visit, I started off my meal with the chicken wonton soup, then I jumped into the main course which was the Green Curry with Crispy Duck served with a side of jasmine rice. My friend had a cup of tea, then ordered the Fresh Papaya Salad which was how I first got to taste it. For the meal he had a sushi platter made up of California Rolls and other pieces of sushi served with a house salad. The sushi platter is served with your choice of miso soup or salad.

There are beverages on the menu such as your typical soft drink, bottled water, iced tea, or Thai iced tea and Thai iced coffee, but there is also a bar on hand that serves alcoholic beverages including Sake (an alcoholic Japanese beverage).

On the second visit, which was months later, I started off with the same wonton soup, then I chose for appetizer the Fresh Papaya Salad, I could not eat all of it because if I did I would not have been able to eat my entrée, so I took half of it home. It’s also big enough for two people to share. (Just a side note though, I did not like it after I took it home and left if overnight, the peanut flavor over powered it and it was also drenched with the sauce.)

For the entrée I had the Volcano Jumbo Shrimp; grilled jumbo shrimps on top of vegetables, topped with a mild chili sauce (you have the choice of intensifying the sauce if you can handle it). While this dish did not excite my taste buds as did the green curry it was still enjoyable.

Sushi Platter

There are many other dishes to choose from like the red curry, a classic Thai curry made from red curry paste and coconut and masam curry made from coconut milk, potato chunks, and peanuts.

Then there are basic sushi rolls, noodle dishes, stir fried dishes, grilled steak, chicken, salmon, Lobster with chili paste, and Hot and Spicy Fish, soups, salads and more.

I would describe the ambiance as simple and quiet. The lighting was ok except it was a bit low at a few of the tables. The staff wore mask and there is also a sign upon entry that advised masks must be worn to enter. I am not sure how much that is being enforced, since I had mine on and my friend did not but was able to enter without anyone saying anything.

Whenever you are in the Miami area and looking for a place to eat and wants something that offers something unique or sushi why not try out Thai House. There is also another location in South Beach on Washington avenue.