Time Travel & 9 Other Wild Concepts The Fast & Furious Franchise Can Visit Next

It has now been 20 years since the series started out as a realistic street racing movie. In that time, the franchise has seen characters jump 30 feet into the sky, drive a supercar out of the top floor of a skyscraper, and have their minds controlled, one of those times the franchise was so bad it was good.

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With the Fast & Furious series always defying laws of gravity and logic, it has become borderline cartoonish, but the constant oneupmanship is one of the reasons why the franchise is great. And with the ninth movie just around the corner and the 10th movie being promised to follow just one year later, there are still loads of wild directions in which Vin Diesel could steer the franchise.

10 Time Travel

Brian and Dom in The Fast and the Furious

Time travel is a concept that has been seriously discussed amongst fans, as it could very well be introduced in the sequels. It isn’t the worst idea in the world, as it could make sense of retconning Han’s death, and it could make for some great fan service.

Not only that, but with a lot of characters being left behind in the first three movies, if time travel was introduced, the movie could revisit Twinkie from Tokyo Drift, Suki from 2 Fast 2 Furious, and even Leon from the first movie.

9 Parallel Universes

The first movie in the series would look a lot different if it was recast today, and maybe if it actually was recast in a different universe. Seeing the gang travel through alternate universes where similar events from the past movies play out, but in extraordinarily different ways, would be a complete mind warp.

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It could be the Fast & Furious’ very own “What if…” series, and as there are so many absurd timelines and so many people who have come back from the dead in the movies, it’d be a great sandbox to play around in.

8 Body Swapping

With mind control already being a thing that exists in the series, surely body-swapping isn’t a far cry. Imagine Dom swapping bodies with Hobbs, two characters who hate each other, or Rome swapping bodies with Letty.

As ridiculous as the franchise gets, it still tries to remain very serious, but in this case, the more Freaky Friday it gets the better. This kind of technology sounds right up Cipher’s alley, so maybe, just maybe, it’s a possibility.

7 Space

Fast & Furious 9 Fan Poster Teases Dom Going To Space

Space is also a prospective idea for one of the sequels, as it has been discussed at length even by F. Gary Gray, the director of Fate of the Furious. And out of all the possible wild ideas, going into space is literally the only one that is physically possible.

It wouldn’t be any dumber than Armageddon, which sends a bunch of oil drillers into space, and if it works for Michael Bay, it surely works for Dom and the crew.

6 Flying Cars

Fast & Furious

The movie began with fast cars, so it’d only be poetic if the series ended with flying cars, and it’d be totally metaphorical by showing just how far the series has come since the crew was driving on wheels.

Every member of the gang seems to be some kind of genius now, especially Tej, which doesn’t make any sense at all, and by now genius is what is expected from him. Anything less is falling short. There are few other ways to better end the series than to invent the flying car, just as long as they slap some decals and a fat spoiler on it.

5 Clones

Success The Fate Of The Furious

Even though each member of the crew has their own specific job, whether it’s Tej’s hacking, Letty’s driving, or Rome’s charm, it always seems as if Dom can do all of their jobs but better. The only problem is that he can’t be in several places at once.

But maybe the technology in the logic-defying series exists. If Dom, or any other member of the crew for that matter, can clone themselves, it’d make for the best dumbest sci-fi movie ever.

4 Crossovers

Fast and Furious Mission Impossible

With movie studios trying to force cinematic universes down audiences’ throats, as at one point, Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Thief were all going to be a part of the same series, it actually comes as a surprise that the F&F series hasn’t tried to do something like that yet.

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It’d be equally hilarious and brilliant to see Dom locking horns with Ethan Hunt, or Rome trying to outsmart John Wick. And as the series is already similar to Point Break in a lot of ways, what would be better than to see Johnny Utah join the family?

3 Becoming Superheroes

Roman jumping between cars in Fast & Furious

At this point in the series, every character is everything but a superhero. If a red cape was thrown on Dom he’d basically be a big, bald-headed superman. As characters glide through the sky without a care in the world and jump out of airplanes in their rocket cars, there’s very little that separates Dom’s family and characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Without exaggerating, there are already super-villain level antagonists with Cipher and Brixton. In one of the upcoming movies, it wouldn’t be remotely surprising if the gang somehow acquired superpowers.

2 Monsters

Fast Five / Godzilla

In several of the Fast & Furious movies, the crew has been hired to do what even the government is not incapable of doing, so if a Godzilla sized creature rose out of the sea and started destroying large cities, there’s only one group of people the government can turn to.

Seeing the whole gang take on a skyscraper-sized monster should be on the cards, and it’d all be worth it for the inevitable scene where Dom drives up the back of the monster in a Mustang.

1 Street Racing

Paul Walker

With Fate of the Furious literally featuring mind control and exploding submarines, the series is far removed from its roots. The series began as a crime movie that was actually very much grounded in reality, and the backdrop of street racing is one of the few things that actually makes sense about the franchise.

However, reverting back to street racing is the wildest thing that could possibly happen, but it’d surely subvert audiences’ expectations.

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